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Favours for All Occasions

A delightful custom

It is a delightful custom to give a favour to guests on special occasions.

Buy them ready made or in kit form to make yourself.


Although Weddings are the most popular occasions

Favours also add a personal touch to Anniversaries, Birthdays,

Christenings, and even Christmas.

The traditional 5 sugar almonds

The traditional 5 sugar almonds represent

Health, Wealth, Happiness, Good Luck and Fertility

However, many people prefer to add other fillings

such as...

Pot Pourri, Chocolates or a small Gift.


How to make a favour

Place your five almonds in a special container, and place them in the centre of your chosen favour nets.....a large selection of which are available at both our shops.....

Fold over one side of the nets to the other, then wrap an elastic band around the almonds & nets.......

Tie a chosen ribbon around where the elastic band has enclosed the almonds, make a bow and trim off any excess.....pull the nets gently to give shape to your favour. Remove the elastic band.

If this process is too fiddly then do have a go with our favour makeing machine which can be hired for the job.

It creates imaculate results every time and is a god send if you have fifty favours or more to make for the wedding.

Alternatively you can let us make them for you for a nominal charge and let us worry about how to make them all look professionally made....which they will be.

Below are a selection of favour boxes

which can be filled with almonds or anything special for the celebration....

All the above can be purchased from either our YORK or SCARBOROUGH shops.

Email us for further details

Phone or fax us with your queries....

A free colour brochure is available on request.

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